About @Parkinsons52

@Parkinsons52 is a rotation curation social media account. The account rotates a different spokesperson each week to become the ‘voice’ of Parkinson’s.

Every week for 52 weeks, the tweeter shows the world what Parkinson’s is to them. You don’t have to be a ‘PwP’ (Person with Parkinson’s) to take part. We welcome anyone who may be a care partner, neurologist or pd nurse, PD charity or research scientist.

Every Monday a new individual will take charge of @Parkinsons52.

The intention of @Parkinsons52 is to collate a wide range of perspectives and real life experiences that can portray the realities of living with PD, those who care for PwP and the fantastic people and organisations who work to support, seek better treatments and a hopeful cure for the millions of people living with Parkinson’s.

Having launched mid-2016, completing 22 weeks initially, @Parkinsons52 is now ready for more!– and you can apply to take part below.

We are now taking applications for @Parkinsons52 February-June 2017.

If you or your organisation would like to take part, please send us an application below and tell us why you think you would be an interesting voice of Parkinson’s.

Please note: Whilst we welcome applications from previous ‘Tweeters’, we will give priority to applicants who have not yet featured on the account. 

Due to volume of applications we are unable to reply to every email we receive; we will be in touch if we can accommodate you with a week on the account.



Apply to @Parkinsons52