Oxford Biomed graduate now wading into the world of science chat. I write things and talk to myself. Funnier when trying not to be.

While the blogs are away, the vlogs will play…

As mentioned way back in my introductory post, amidst my silence here, I have been making some videos over on my new YouTube channel!

My first three sciencey videos cover Parkinson’s Disease, and more specifically-

  1. What causes it? 
  2. How do we treat it?
  3. How might we stop it from doing so much damage?

My undergrad dissertation was on Parkinson’s, and so it made sense that it would be the first thing I’d talk about.

So, if you fancy learning about PD, mosey on over and have a glance at the videos. I throw water and keys on myself in one, squat in my bathroom in the second, and draw on a moustache in the third.

Isn’t learning wild?!


  • I have a YouTube channel.
  • I have done videos about Parkinson’s.
  • I like to maintain continuity, hence the placement of this summary here.

Thanks for reading/watching!
Sophie x